1 Hello. I try call you all week. Where you be?

2 "I don't think we meet before. " "Well. I see you once at a party but we not be introduced then."

3 It look as if this light burn all night. I must forget switch it off before I go to bed last night.

4 Come in now. Sorry keep you wait so long.

5 I buy the book but when I hear the opinion of the critics, I change my mind.

6 At last you are here. I wait here for more than half an hour. I might know you be late.

7 My father work in Canada for the last year, so by the time he return the month after next I not see him for fourteen months.

8 When you see him again you be struck by how his health improve since he go to Valencia.

9 If you tell me you already buy the book, I not give it to you as a birthday present, but now it be too late.

10 You can't remember tell him how to get here. If you have, he arrive long before now.