1 By the time the firemen arrivethe house be ablaze from top to bottom, but it be clear that if someone give the alarm earlier, they might stand a chance of save the building.

2 I wish you tell me last week that you come to London. If I know in time, you not have to stay in a hotel.

3 Why you not tell me you can lend me the money? I not need borrow it from the bank.

4 It be time we go. If we not leave now, we miss the train.

5 Be you cut off while I talk to you just now? I think something must go wrong with the telephone.

6 The manager talk to another customer right now but he be free see you shortly. Like you take a seat for a few minutes?

7 I know I ought write to you before, but I be so busy recently that I not have time for write letters. I telephone you instead, but I forget your number.

8 When I last see him, he live in London. He tell me then that he think of emigrate to Australia, and he may well do so by now.

9 I wish you let me know you not be able to come to dinner. I certainly not go to all this trouble if I know.

10 He said he not want see the film as he hear that it be not as good as the critics suggest.