24th of April 2012 There is a chat here! Scroll down to find it. Our website is not going to be about Mr Nutkin. We should write that. That is so random. Oh! Josie! Josie! We should just do everything we say. *Laughter*. Um.. Ummm... Ummmmm... Then you said about la...laa...laa. Can't remember! Rememberrrrr. No actually it wasn't "remembeeeerrrrr" it was just "rememberrrrrr!". *More laughter*. *Splutters of laughter as Josie writes that*. Lets write a fact file of you (Says Josie) Name: Unknown Age: Unknown Occupation: Unknown Hobbies: Being unknown *Laughter* being DARK Wants: To be unknown We know sooooo much about the unknown person, don't we? Wait can I just write something? Um... Ummm... Yeah, we know you know about the unknown! *Sarcasm* Let's do a factfile about me! (Says Josie) Name: Josie Age: 11 Occupation: Primary school student Hobbies: Football, swimming, computing. Wants: To be an athlete Now we need to put in pictures and stuff to make it look COOL! Chelsea don't rock or rule the universe (Says Josie). Requested picture by nobody! *In odd voice* Right! what shall we do now? Pap's Freezeria! Papa's Freezeria! *Splutters of mad laughter as I realise my mistake* Sarcasm is so sarcastic! Sarcastic! *Unknown person tries to snatch keyboard* I'm writing something you silly unknown person! (Unknown tip) If you want to prank your friend type in Fake Google. Or if you want to go on a cool site type in Chozzer.com! (Josie) I got a text from Olly Murs last night. (unknown) Yeah right (Josie) Wanna see? *Goes to get phone.* Josie shows text from Olly Murs asking if they want to become a duo, then gets a call from Spiderman. 27th of April 2012 Hello. Today is Friday. *Josie cringes as her mum sings* *Unknown person does nothin'* (Josie) Haha! Haha haha hahahaha! (Unknown) You didn't even say that! (Josie) Yeah I did. See I did. Hahahahahahahahahahaha! HA! Image selected by the unknown person/Bod! (Bod) COOL HU!!! Try calling the number on the destroyed billboard, by the way i have NO idea what happens! Free Pacman game here! Click "Flash Pacman" and away you go! Flash Pacman Click the "Click to play" button to have a game of Frogger!!! Enjoy!
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