Hello Linda
It is possible to ask for any kind of information to go into input boxes on an online form. The form can be built to capture all of the information that you require from a prospective client or a new client.

First name:
Last name:

Checkboxes offer a client the opportunity to select specific services etc.

Send me more information
Call me

A drop down box is a way of limiting service or information selection:

Please choose your preferred type of dog:

A text area is for more detailed input eg describing a problem or previous therapy:

Please write some stuff in the box below:

The submit button is where all of the action happens. The code behind the submit button can be set to perform all sorts of clever stuff eg email the contents of the form to you, format the contents of the form and display it as a web page or output it as a PDF.

Please click on the submit button to send your details: