Social Media

add social media links << What is the Utilimap Facebook page? Twitter? It would be strange to not have, at the very least, Facebook. Do you have a Facebook business page? It wouldn't be a huge extra job to set one up. Do you want me to do this? There are implications re page layout for the site if we don't have Facebook ie I'll have to remove these links.

add alt image text

add alt image text << done 31/07/17

add basic SEO

started on pages 18/07/17. This is an ongoing process and is heavily linked to having a blog.

align various images

align various images for mobile device viewing << done 31/07/17

add various text copy

add various text copy (as requested eg portfolio page) << to be written by me 25/07/17 but awaiting confirmation from Steve

adjust padding

adjust padding on grey middle section on home page << done 25/07/17

lighten background

lighten background colour on grey middle section to match text colour on rest of site << done 25/07/17


The quality of some of the images is quite low. High resolution images are needed - not PDFs. Having said that, I have used what I have been given.

add US address

add US address to footer << done 31/07/17

add site map

add site map (for SEO) using Yoast plug in << done 31/07/17

add extra portfolio items

as listed on original site summary eg CCTV

change all links

change all links etc. to reference the .com address << partially done 18/07/17

add a blog

I really recommend this!! SEO and Google must be considered << pending

block icon images

block icon images on service page on mobile devices << done 31/07/17

add traffic statistics

Bonus! to be added when the site goes live

finish services page

This is 90% done. It simply needs to be transferred to a live server.